Dental Implants in Rochdale

Dental implants look, feel and perform like natural teeth

When you need tooth replacement, implants are a beautiful and enduring choice that look and feel just like your natural teeth.

Providing you with the convenience of in-house treatment, Nasser Syed is a respected Dental Surgeon, who was the face of the British Dental Association, star of ITV’s prime time show, ‘THE DENTIST’ and appeared on BBC Breakfast News, as a British Dental Association spokesperson.

A personal service with quality results

If you want dental implants, you also want a surgeon you know and trust. Offering you the perfect clinical setting and the care and attention of, Nasser Syed.

Our service includes:

  • Consultation – informing you about implants and answering all your questions
  • Reassurance – caring for you and making sure you’re happy is our priority
  • Sedation – if you’re anxious, Nasser Syed is sedation and dental phobia certified
  • Dental implants – fixed to your jaw for a secure and attractive finish
  • After care – making sure your implants are everything you expected

Examples of dental implants

Implant supported crown

Implant supported crown

Implant supported bridge

Implant supported bridge

Changing your life for the better

When you’re looking for consistent results, dental implants offer superior and lasting performance. If you want a solution that offers the look and feel of the real thing, implants are perfect for you.

If you think the way your teeth look and perform is important call us now for more advice.

You’ll forget you have implants

Delivering a high standard of performance and looking very convincing, you will forget you have had dental implants placed. Significantly more reliable than traditional bridges and dentures, you can relax knowing they’re:

  • Safe and secure – jaw bone grows around and fixes the implant
  • Strong and lasting – no more worrying about the food you eat
  • Looking good – bringing your smile to life and filling you with confidence
  • Natural in appearance –naturally blending in with your own teeth
  • Liberating – no more denture adhesive or worrying about crowns falling out

How much is a dental implant?

Dental implants provide a long-lasting and easy-to-manage solution to missing or damaged teeth. All our prices are listed on our fee page. Please click here for the latest dental implants fees.

Example of an implant supported denture

Implant supported denture before

Implant supported denture before

Implant supported denture after

Implant supported denture after

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If you’re considering implants and need some expert advice before deciding, give us a call or get in touch. The care and attention you get at Edenfield Cosmetic & Dental Care is what makes us the right choice every time.

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